Study Notes

Welcome to my study notes repo!

Some idea that culminated out of me slowly succumbing to impostor syndrome, especially after I stumbled so much back when I was attempting my Master's degree over at Sunway. Figured that I'd take a jab at this and remake notes for some of my undergrad classes back in the day, and more.

You'll find that the subjects I make notes for may reflect those I've taken during my university studies. Do take note that they do not necessarily reflect the same curriculum being taught at my alma mater(s) at present moment, and may change without me knowing. I plan on keeping them updated as I learn much more as time goes on.

Taught by: Dr. Tay Kian Boon & Sven Schleier, William Koh & WithSecure Team

Taught by: Prof. Anwitaman Datta & Dr. Tay Kian Boon

Taught by: Dr. Zhang TianWei

Taught by: Mr. Ong Chin Ann & Dr. Gondesen Florian Max